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In order to collaborate, you need spaces where people can comfortably gather. These areas can be the most enjoyable for EBI to create for our customers. We can incorporate products that allow for choice and comfort. Color and design can help to get the creative juices flowing. Relatively small spaces can easily support a dozen team members tossing out ideas.


The following is the opening quote from a recent post from Workplace Advisory at Allsteel, our valued and forward thinking manufacturing partner.


Years ago, you might have seen some work stations with brightly colored panel trims. And then there was the orange, avocado, and brown seating and panel fabric with oak desks everywhere trend. Baby boomers out there, like me, would recall these images.

Ever have a rogue paperclip latch onto an important document and it turns up weeks later in a totally unrelated file? Rogue Paperclip

We can all relate to the frustration of not being able to find something in our workspaces. How much time have you wasted lately looking for something in your less-than-organized work space? Some individuals tend to be more organized than others, but if you don’t have sufficient storage in your work area, it can be a challenge for anyone.

Wear-ability and Clean-ability of Your Work Space

Your company needs to provide a work area for only one employee or maybe several employees.  You have worked with a design/space panning professional, maybe someone here at EBI, and collectively have created a work space that will support the individuals and the work that they do.   Now for the fun part, selecting the fabric and finishes!

A Healthy Work Area

The media has been abuzz with the results of multiple studies, all stating how sitting all day raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity.

This has drawn attention to the importance of how we work. Adding a sit to stand desk is only one solution to a bigger problem! We are all spending more time in our work areas, trying to meet deadlines with our heavy workloads. Hours can fly by from the last time we even moved more than a few inches.

Just as there is not just one size of worker or one type of job function, there is not just one solution to make a real difference. 

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