Support Sustainability in Your Workplace

Concern over human impact on the environment is currently very much on our minds and in the forefront of government and business initiatives. We find ourselves in a time when awareness of the environment and of our need to preserve limited natural resources is universal. We have been awakened and become aware of our dependence and vulnerability when supply of essential resources is diminished or threatened.

How To Green Your Purchasing Department

Jacquie Morton

Specialty Publications Sales Rep

Journal Community Publishing Group

Re: How To Article for Marketplace Magazine from Emmons Business Interiors

By: Heather McCombs, LEED AP

How to start your company on the path towards a greener facility, operations, and mind-set can be a confusing and challenging prospect for owners. There are sustainable consulting firms that will effectively guide you through the process and create a custom sustainability program for your facility and operations. This “outside-in” approach will achieve results, however an alternative, “inside-out” approach can be equally effective; start with greening your Purchasing Department.