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The media has been abuzz with the results of multiple studies, all stating how sitting all day raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity.

This has drawn attention to the importance of how we work. Adding a sit to stand desk is only one solution to a bigger problem! We are all spending more time in our work areas, trying to meet deadlines with our heavy workloads. Hours can fly by from the last time we even moved more than a few inches.

Just as there is not just one size of worker or one type of job function, there is not just one solution to make a real difference. 



EBI’s sales, clearance, and specials are available because we work directly with specialty dealers to offer a wide variety of solutions at the best price. Large or small budget, we are here to assist and help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Our Vendor Partners

Our vendor partners design, build and deliver office furniture solutions that offer the best combination of style, functionality, durability and price. These designs create a more productive environment by helping employees perform. Their furniture will not only last, but will continue to look great and adapt to decades of use and reconfigurations. These products help employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively in an environment that inspires Your Space.  Our Business.

These leaders in the design and manufacturing of workplace furniture include chairs, storage, panel systems, tables and desks, and so much more!  We are sharing just a brief overview of their offering on our site.  Contact us and we can customize a solution that fits your business and your budget. 

These are just a few of our hundreds of vendor partners. View a complete list here.